Almond Essential Oil Uses To Maintain Healthy Skin

Almond Essential Oil Uses To Maintain Healthy Skin

Almond Essential Oil Uses To Maintain Healthy Skin
Almond essential oil provides a plethora of benefits for maintaining the healthiness of your skin. Thus, if you are now dealing with skin issues, before you choose some other options, lean first to almond essential oil, just in case you prefer natural treatment for your case.

Simply like its benefits, almond essential oil uses come in many ways to help dealing with your certain skin problem, such as;

  • Facial moisturizer
  • To reduce stretch marks
  • To cure acne
  • Make up remover
  • Eye cream

And yes, the usages of almond essential oil are not limited by those as you may find some others to take benefit from the essential oil.

As starter for almond essential oil uses for facial moisturizer, right after you clean your face very thorough, apply the essential oil to your face, and let it stays for some minutes on your face, and once its dried, you can apply your daily make-up.

When it comes to deal with stretch marks, basically, it is the same as you need to apply oil on the affected area. However, here some tips when you use almond essential oil to reduce stretch marks:

  • If you expect for better result, ensure that you apply the essential oil after bath for your beauty skin
  • Apply almond essential oil onto the affected area, you can then massage the skin slowly in circular movement until some time
  • Repeat the application twice a day for fast result.

Almond essential oil uses for acne, perhaps the most common usages you ever heard. Even so, many people have no idea about this. Almond essential oil contain fatty acid that is very powerful to fight excess fat on your face that becomes the main cause of acne. To clean your face from acne using this essential oil, before you go to bed, you need only to apply almond essential oil onto your face.

Some may not know about this, but you can also use almond essential oil to clean your face from make-up. For this reason, pour some drops of almond essential oil to the destined area. Do some massages before starting the cleaning. You know, aside from cleaning your face, the essential oil will make your skin healthier.

And the last one is eye cream which you can use not only to dismiss puffed eyes, but also if you have dark circles under your eyes, then you can apply the eye cream to dismiss the dark skin. Not stopping there, since it has anti aging property, it reduces wrinkles as well.