How to Make Hips Wide Fast Naturally

how to make hips wider

Having wide hips is a pride for women because it makes them look beauty. If you also want to have wide hips, you can do some activities that will help you reach that goal. However, you have to know the tips how to make hips wide. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Wider hips can be done with various ways. You can realize it with diet & nutrition, exercises, lifestyle changes, or natural herbs & plants extracts.

Food to Eat for Wider Hips; Diet & Nutrition

One of the best ways how to make hips wider is to follow high protein nutrition diet. In this idea, you have to consume foods that contain high protein. Alternatively, you can try following balanced diet. In this case, you have to take ideal nutrients daily because it is essential to grow muscles and improves the whole body health.

How to Get Wider Hips with Certain Exercises or Yoga

how to get hips wider fast
Some exercises can also help you get wider hips. One of the best ideas is squats. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to do yoga. Then, side lunges will also be very helpful.

The next recommended exercise is side-lying leg lift. You can also consider doing Russian twists. Standing oblique flexion can also help you get wider hips. Another best exercise is cardio such as sumo walks, bench step-up, etc.

How to Make Hips Wider with Lifestyle Changes

How to get wider hips can be realized by changing your lifestyle. For example, you can try wearing corsets. Besides, trying body0shaping underwear will also be helpful. Then, you also must avoid wearing low-rise pants. Wearing A-line dresses can also help you get wider hips.

Natural Herbs & Plants Extracts to Make Hips Wider

There are some natural herbs & plants extracts that can help you get wider hips. Some of the best examples are such as Maca Root Extracts, Pueraria Mirifica, Fenugreek, Fennel seeds, chaste berry, wild yam, red clover, blessed thistle, sage, etc.